Henri Daussi Rings in the Spotlight
Wednesday, November 28th, 2018
The story of Henri Daussi rings is one of true passion for diamonds. It begins in Antwerp, Belgium, with a man named Jozef Loots. Jozef became a father in 1932, when he welcomed Henri Daussi into the world. The art of diamond cutting was a Loots family talent, and as Henri grew up, Jozef taught his son the secrets of the trade, just as his father had taught him. The Loots men were constantly ploughing the route to the most perfect gemstone. Henri’s skills grew to be incredibly well-respected, and he worked internationally with the finest jewelry companies. He was trusted with their largest and most valuable diamonds. It would almost seem that Henri Daussi lives for releasing the brilliance of diamonds. Fortunately for us, Henri decided to share his magic with the world, by founding the fine jewelry business we all know of in his name.

When Henri Daussi first began his life’s work, cutting diamonds was still a challenge for lapidaries globally. It is only possible to cut diamonds with other diamonds, because of their extreme strength. However, intrepid people love the hardest challenges, and Henri Daussi innovated the diamond-cutting technology of the last century by designing a new diamond polishing wheel, called a “scaif.” As the story goes, Henri cut the very first perfectly heart-shaped diamond, earning him critical acclaim, and helping to propel his career. Expertly crafted, cutting-edge design became synonymous with Henri Daussi diamond wedding bands and engagement rings.

Henri Daussi rings are continuously adored for being a cut above the rest. Still a Loots family affair, Henri’s grandsons, Jeff and Kristiaan, are now at the helm of the business. Retaining consistent quality and style, Henri Daussi makes the most gorgeous, hand-crafted engagement rings and wedding bands for the modern couple.

Here is a variety of our current favorites:

Platinum Wedding Bands
The weight and feel of platinum has wide appeal when partnered with diamonds in wedding bands. Whether the platinum stands back and allows the diamonds to shine out, such as in this half eternity band, or steps forward, with this pave wedding ring, there is no denying that the two elements play perfectly off one another. For a look that is modern yet everlasting, we suggest Henri Daussi in platinum.

Gold Wedding Rings
White, yellow, or rose: Henri Daussi makes something beautiful for your favorite gold tone. One artistic style is this 14k rose gold scalloped wedding band, which features 11 round diamonds set flush. Organic lines in a creamy pink tone infuse this ring with romance. Another favorite delicate option is this glittery 18k rose gold ring with pave diamonds. If yellow gold is more your palette, we suggest this pave band. 18k white gold makes an appearance in this simple half eternity, or a creative statement in this twisted band featuring pave diamonds. Finding the perfect complement to your unique engagement ring is easy with so many gold Henri Daussi wedding bands.

Speaking of engagement rings, we simply must highlight these two gorgeous options that exemplify the careful handiwork of Henri Daussi. This 18k white gold engagement ring features a cushion cut diamond at 1.07 carats, with pave halos at .27 carats each. On a smooth band, it’s an exquisite piece. Similar in style, yet working with one-of-a-kind stones, the diamond in this 18k white gold halo ring is 1.16 carats, again featuring a halo of diamonds, at .28 carats a piece. Statement-making and exquisite, these engagement rings are strikingly beautiful, showcasing the talent of this designer.

Henri Daussi also uses this talent to sometimes step outside of the box. For instance, this 14k yellow gold wedding band with diamonds and milgrain edging harkens back to vintage cuts. The pairing of black diamonds in an 18k white gold wedding band, with a setting of interesting black rhodium plating, is a far cry from your traditional band. For an extremely elegant and fancy look, we direct your attention towards this 18k white gold domed pave diamond band. With three rows of diamonds, totaling a whole carat, this is the ring for those who like to “spread out the wealth” for maximum sparkle.

Our family business at Lux Bond & Green can’t recommend Henri Daussi rings enough. For quality, style, luxury, and a lovely history that is simply unparalleled, Henri Daussi hits all of the marks. Visit this designer’s work online, or in-store!

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