Gumuchian Jewelry in the Spotlight

Gumuchian Jewelry in the Spotlight

Gumuchian Jewelry in the Spotlight

Gumuchian jewelry originates not from one individual’s vision, but from the beauty of three strong female minds. Every Gumuchian design is sketched, designed, and made under the careful watch of Anita, Patricia, and Myriam, who bring together the most cutting-edge European fashion trends with the highest quality diamonds, gemstones and metals. A dynamic mother and daughters’ team, these ladies bring their individual talents together to luxurious results. Their Manhattan atelier prides itself on designing wearable works of art in the form of jewelry—for women, by women. These are just some reasons why Gumuchian jewelry sparkles so brightly “In the Spotlight” this month at Lux Bond & Green.

Around the turn of the century, the Gumuchians, originally from Armenia, opened the first diamond-cutting center in Turkey. Originating from a long lineage of diamond dealers, it seems like diamonds are in this family’s bloodline. Eventually, after World War I, they moved to Antwerp, Belgium, where they began to specialize in fancy diamonds, both colored and “white.” In 1970, Anita entered the scene, and she and her husband Andre began Gumuchian as we know it in New York City. It might be hard to believe, but in the 1970’s, female business owners were rare, possibly because of societal roadblocks in a male-dominate market. Still, Anita built up her family’s brand to its current international acclaim. Now, with daughters Myriam and Patricia at the helm of Sales and Marketing, and Product Development and Manufacturing, respectively, Gumuchian jewelry is a true feminist success story. Artistic, fashionable, fun, chic, and even philanthropic, all of Gumuchian’s jewelry at Lux Bond & Green meets our high standards of design and quality.

Here are some of our favorite collections:

The “B” collection has a very special story. Did you know that honeybees power one out of three bites of food consumed in America? That’s how critical these little powerhouses are to our lives and families. When you also learn that bee pollination of alfalfa, sunflower, and fruits and veggies is actually an ecological service valued in the U.S. at $20 billion annually, you’ll respect the honeybees’ contributions even more. Honoring these tiny natural providers, Gumuchian helps the University of Minnesota’s non-profit bee research program, called the Bee Squad, by funding education and mentorship programs that promote bee pollinator health, conservation, and diversity. Just wait until you see some of the “B” collection designs and you’ll feel extra buzzed about picking one up for yourself.

For instance, this honeybee pendant on a 16” chain in 18k yellow gold is charming as can be. Other, daring designs use the honeycomb form and incorporate diamonds, like the B Collection diamond ring. This stunner features a 360-degree honeycomb pattern, and mixes 18k yellow and white gold, incorporating pave diamonds atop the top three white gold hexagons. The 18k yellow gold Honeybee Beehive Charm with diamonds is superbly sweet. These bee-inspired designs are fantastic conversation-starters, letting you spread the word about how a Gumuchian jewelry purchase from the “B” collection ultimately gives back to fellow Americans.

When you decide to purchase a new top or pair of shoes, it’s easy to forget that someone had to make that object for you. The more you can know about the making process or the maker, the more valuable the object becomes in all senses of the word. When you can imagine Patricia sketching natural elements like petals and plants by hand in Manhattan to create the Secret Garden collection, you’re likely to take a second look. You can tell that Secret Garden earrings, bracelets, and necklaces by Gumuchian are made with a woman’s world in mind. Surprisingly light, statement-making Secret Garden drop earrings feature two sets of organic gold shapes, dangling from a diamond-studded post. The Secret Garden Deco diamond pendant with two linked diamond combs in 18k white gold is gorgeous and unique. Bold yet feminine and down-to-earth, these motifs from the Secret Garden collection are deliciously home-grown.

“Easy-to-wear” is a hallmark of many female-owned and operated designer brands today, because women want to help other women look chic without hampering functionality. Why do you think corsets are a thing we left in the past? Designer diamond bands from Gumuchian are a simple way to add low-key flair to any outfit. For instance, these half-eternity diamond rings in 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, and 18k yellow gold are stackable and trendy with their zig-zag edges. Other stackable diamond ring designs like the Nutmeg collection come in 18k yellow gold, with either a pear diamond, marquise diamond, or a princess cut diamond. For a fun look, try them all at once!

These are just a few good reasons for why Gumuchian is truly one of our favorite award-winning brands and partners. At Lux Bond & Green, you can find designs from their most coveted collections, donned by celebrities world-wide. There’s no sacrificing fashion for function with Gumuchian. It’s designed for women, by women. Find the best styles at your fingertips at Lux Bond & Green by shopping online or visiting us in-store!