Frequently Asked Questions About Our Expert Watchmakers

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Expert Watchmakers

Lux Bond & Green is your single source for all your favorite luxury jewelry and watch designers in CT and MA. Since 1898, we’ve not only been selecting the best styles the world has to offer but also keeping your jewelry and watches in tip-top shape! Our jewelry and watchmaking services include everything from simple jobs like cleaning, to full restoration and part replacement. Selecting a watch from Lux Bond & Green comes with the confidence of lifetime access to our expert watchmakers.

What is a watchmaker?

A watchmaker is a highly skilled artisan who specializes in the mechanics of timepieces. Students of watchmaking train or apprentice under a master watchmaker to learn the intricacies of this art. They learn how to repair vintage watches as well as advanced modern mechanisms. At Lux Bond & Green, our in-house watchmakers are both laboratory and Swiss-trained, meaning that your watch will be in trustworthy and experienced hands.

What watchmaking services are available at Lux Bond & Green?

Your watch is worn daily. It is exposed to the elements and subject to everyday wear and tear. From routine maintenance to accidents, Lux Bond & Green watchmaking services are designed to get your timepiece back on your wrist as soon as possible, including:

  • Strap replacement or bracelet resizing
  • Water sealing
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Battery replacement or watch winding
  • Cracked face replacement
  • Spring and gear function assessment and lubrication
  • Full servicing

Rest assured that your watch will always be returned to you in better shape than when you brought it in!

How often should I service my watch?

There are many opinions concerning how frequently a person should have their watch serviced, from every couple of years, to every ten or even fifteen years. Lux Bond & Green recommends a happy medium of fully servicing your watch every 4-7 years. Full service provided by our expert watchmakers includes disassembly, assessment, cleaning, and repair. Why service your watch? The attention that you provide your watch when it’s in good shape will pay off with added years of use and excellent

functionality. Instead of thinking about it like a dreaded doctor’s appointment, think of our full watch servicing as your timepieces’ much-deserved spa day, for keeping you on track every day.

What luxury watch brands should I consider when watch shopping?

To make a statement with your watch, you should shop for the very best. Lux Bond & Green’s collection of watch brands represent the finest watches on the market today. You’ll find Swiss and American brands like TAG HeuerBreitlingOris and Frederique Constant, in both men’s and ladies’ styles. The options can be overwhelming even once you determine some of your favorite brands! Read on for ideas on choosing a watch with all the bells and whistles you could hope for.

How do I choose a watch?

Selecting a watch is namely a matter of personal taste. Beyond what the watch looks like, you should also consider what functions you would like your watch to perform. Use this handy list of questions to help you make decisions about both form and function:

  • Do you prefer Arabic numbers, roman numerals, sticks, a mixture of symbols, or none at all?
  • How important is it to you that the watch be waterproof? Up to what depth?
  • What color tones are you most drawn to for the case, hands, and band of the watch? Black or brown? Yellow gold, rose gold, or silver?
  • Would you like a metal, leather, or rubber bracelet?
  • What face shape and size do you like the best? Round, square, or oval?
  • Consider the dial. Does a dark or light color appeal to you? Black, blue, white, yellow gold, and mother of pearl are most common.
  • How often will you wear your watch, and what activities will you undertake while wearing it?
  • Besides minutes and hours, consider what other gauges and functions are important for your watch to have, to match and enhance your lifestyle. There are many options! Consider these:
    • Second hand
    • Luminescence
    • Chronograph functionality
    • Date
    • Multiple time zones
    • Military time dial (24-hour clock)
    • Depth meter
    • Speedometer
    • Moon phases

No matter what brand you choose, which functions, or what it looks like, Lux Bond & Green’s watchmakers will be there to help you with maintenance and advice throughout the watches’ life.

Why purchase a designer watch only from an authorized dealer?

The only way to ensure that your luxury watch is genuine is by purchasing through an authorized dealer. Don’t be fooled by a timepiece with a similar shape and style to what you’re looking for, only to find out the hard way that it is a look-alike that is not well constructed nor fine quality. Lux Bond & Green is fully authorized to sell the watch brands that we offer, meaning you’ll receive a trustworthy product every time you shop.

Once you own a special watch to walk through life with, you’ll understand the importance of making a good choice for your next timepiece. With Lux Bond & Green watches, you’ll not only receive the best

array of styles, but also remarkable customer service and attention by our expert watchmakers. We hope to see you and your favorite timepiece soon!