​Forevermark Diamonds: Radiant, Rare, and Responsibly Sourced

​Forevermark Diamonds: Radiant, Rare, and Responsibly Sourced

What slogan comes to mind when we think about a diamond? That’s pretty easy:, “A Diamond is Forever.” Was who could forget all of Forevermark’s great ads in black and white and their memorable music with the London philharmonic orchestra? The message is as true today just as when it was when first introduced in 1948. The catchphrase has been part of the De Beers company which has been the largest diamond miner and seller of rough diamonds in the world over the last decade. Forevermark is De Beers’ own brand of diamonds.

Every Forevermark diamond comes with a brand promise that it is responsibly sourced, beautiful, rare, and originating at one of a handful of carefully selected mines that benefit the people, community, and country where they are located. Forevermark traces each diamond along its journey, ensuring that strict business, environmental and social standards are met at every step.

De Beers at one time owned the Cullinan diamond mine in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the crown jewels were discovered, and they have held a very prominent relationship in mining, cutting, and promoting diamonds for over 100 years. The Forevermark brand consists of a group of global luxury retailers that are allowed to represent and promote De Beers’ beautiful diamonds.

Lux Bond & Green was one of the first partners in the United States to carry the Forevermark brand. Today, we carry Forevermark in our Westport, West Hartford and Glastonbury locations. As long time members of the American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, Jewelers of America, and one of only a handful of American retailers that have attained the title as an audited partner of the Responsible Jewelry Council, we strictly controls all our diamonds, colored stones and metals to einsure that they are responsibly sourced. However, a Forevermark diamond has a specific trail from its original mine to its finished and polished state and has a unique inscription at its heart to distinguish these characteristics. After an eligible diamond is cut and polished, it is sent to the Forevermark Diamond Institute grading laboratories.Lux Bond & Green has earned the recognition to carry Forevermark’s exceptional diamond collection, which includes a replica of the original rough uncut diamond to the final magnificent sparkling and stunning polished diamond. This special selection of Forevermark diamonds is stocked in each of our stores and we also offer unique and classic designs of jewelry that can hold these beautiful Forevermark diamonds.

Since 1898 Lux Bond & Green has been famous for diamonds, and it’s our pleasure and passion to help carefully select your perfect diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, pendant, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry for the wonderful memories that are created. We would like to be your jeweler for a lifetime and why not let Lux Bond & Green and our 118 years as a leading diamantaire educate you on the world of Forevermark diamonds and their beauty and value. After all, “ A Diamond is Forever.”