Top Men's Jewelry Styles from David Yurman

Top Men's Jewelry Styles from David Yurman

David Yurman is a contemporary jewelry artist who puts emotion and feeling into each of his beautifully crafted designs. Since the 1980s, David Yurman has built his namesake luxury brand alongside his wife, Sybil, from a place of passion for metal sculpting, modern art, and the long-lasting allure of ancient Grecian and Roman objects. Lux Bond & Green was an early adopter becoming a retail destination for David Yurman jewelry in the early 1980’s. One of David Yurman’s earliest breakthrough designs was the Cable Bracelet, which is a silver or gold twisted bangle adorned with endcaps of contrasting metal and sometimes tipped with gemstones. The Cable Bracelet design is still a core concept of the David Yurman collection today.

More than 40 years since its inception, David Yurman is still family-run and owned.David and Sybil’s sonEvan Yurman is taking the reins at David Yurman and adding thrilling new layers of design and energy to the house his parents built. Most recently, the team at David Yurman have been creating new men’s jewelry styles that longtime Yurman collectors and new fans alike adore. Gorgeous David Yurman men’s bracelets, necklaces, and signet rings are showcased by fresh-faced brand ambassadors, who embrace the concepts of intimacy, honesty, and creativity in their professional work. These qualities also resonate with the ethos of David Yurman's jewelry. 

In this David Yurman men’s jewelry roundup, discover our favorites at Lux Bond & Green, either for gifts to the special man in your life or to try on for yourself.

Amulets & Chains for Men: David Yurman Necklaces

David Yurman men’s necklaces make a statement no matter what outfit they are worn with. David Yurman men’s chains and tag or amulet style enhancers for necklaces can be dressed up with a suit or just as easily worn with a plain tee. Whether lounging at home, heading to the office, or going out on an epic global trip, this jewelry is meant to be lived in.

Lux Bond & Green offers men’s box chains in varying thicknesses and weights in many metal types, including sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, black titanium, and 18k yellow gold. Our sales associates and stylists can help you match a David Yurman enhancer that speaks to your personal guiding beliefs, with your favorite chain style. Enhancer designs come in the form of braided or sculpted crosses, spiritual evil eyes, a St. Anthony, St. Christopher, or St. Michael amulet, a Chai or star of David symbol, and other powerful guiding symbols, such as a compass or memento mori. Musician and David Yurman brand ambassador, Shawn Mendes’ personal statement David Yurman piece is an emerald evil eye amulet necklace in 18k gold. He has been known to layer amulets and heavier-weight David Yurman chains, which look both luxurious and effortless together.

David Yurman Bracelets - Beads, Cords & Silver: Oh my!

Subtle corded bracelets with yellow gold beads or amulets, thicker woven rubber or leather corded bracelets with a sterling silver accent, and Spiritual Beads bracelets are a few David Yurman bracelet styles that look great on their own or stacked. These styles are natural and comfortable to wear. At Lux Bond & Green, we also offer box chains, link chains, and curb chain-style bracelets that complement our David Yurman necklace collection. The Cable Bracelet cuff is also available in men’s styles. Another celebrity fan and brand ambassador for David Yurman is Michael B. Jordan, who adorns his wrists with diamond-studded link chain bracelets for both red carpet and casual occasions. You’ll find both adorned and earthy bracelet options in the David Yurman bracelet collection.

Unleash the Power of Signature David Yurman Rings & Signet Rings

The cable bracelet style that David Yurman is so well known for has been adapted creatively into classic men’s rings. The Cable Edge Band ring and Sculpted Cable Contour Band, in sterling silver, and the Cable Inset Band ring fully in sterling silver or with a gold inset, are lovely, symbolic options for a simple and functional men's wedding band.

David Yurman is also inspired by signet rings, which have a rich history that stretches back to 3500 BC, when Pharaohs, male leaders of other ancient civilizations, and wealthy lords or members in more modern European times would wear them to mark documents with their seal of authenticity. Signet rings were too valuable for anyone but the upper echelons of society to possess. Owning one signified that you were educated and could read and certify the correspondence that the ring was used to seal. Signet rings often featured family crests, initials, or other unique calling card symbols representing a family trade. They were also passed down to generations. Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the pinky. Today, the vintage, heirloom appeal of the signet ring is resurrected, and David Yurman's signet ring designs harken back to the power that signet rings historically represented.

David Yurman signet rings are available at Lux Bond & Green in sterling silver styles with onyx and diamond inlays. Others feature sculpted faces of fabled animals like lions and wolves. You may have spotted a signet ring on the hand of Leo Woodall in the Netflix show One Day, where flashes of this piece of jewelry weave together a love story that spans 19 years. While the story is fictional, the actor wears his signet ring well: proudly, and throughout his lifetime.

David Yurman jewelry is made to be a treasured touchpoint for the wearer throughout life's tiny and magnificent adventures. It is not only constructed to last but it offers the promise of confidence. Discover how David Yurman men’s jewelry can bring you joy, by visiting Lux Bond & Green's collection online or at your nearest Connecticut or Massachusetts shop.