Colored and Fancy Shaped Diamonds to Add to Your Wishlist

Colored and Fancy Shaped Diamonds to Add to Your Wishlist

Colored and Fancy Shaped Diamonds to Add to Your Wishlist

t’s time to expand your palate for diamonds! Beyond the glittering, white stones that you’ve become accustomed to seeing in engagement rings, eternity bands, pendants, necklaces, and earrings, there are so many other types of unique diamonds available. From cut to color, diamonds come in all shapes and tones, and talented designers use these distinct features to express diamonds’ versatility in gorgeous ways. Here are just a few unique types of diamonds and diamond jewelry to add to your wish list from Lux Bond & Green:

Colored Diamonds

Brilliant diamonds call to mind “clarity,” and not necessarily “color.” However, truly colorless diamonds are incredibly rare, and most diamonds do have some color to them as a result of the nitrogen or other elements within their mineral composition. Lux Bond and Green not only carries those rare stones, but also colored diamonds of various shades, including fancy colors like pink, yellow, green, and blue. Fancy colored diamonds are some the most sought-after stones in the world. After seeing them for yourself, you’ll likely understand why. Just consider the “Hope Diamond,” which is the largest deep blue diamond in the world. It is currently on display at the Smithsonian, and a staggering 200 million visitors have viewed the Hope Diamond to date!

Yellow and Green Diamonds

This stunning 1.77 carat Yellow Radiant Fancy Diamond Pendant, set in platinum with a diamond halo, evokes a similar feeling of awe to the Hope Diamond. Other exquisite fancy colored glittering diamond pieces include this Cushion Cut Yellow-Green Diamond Ring, the center stone clocking in at 3.2 carats, surrounded by more than 2 carats of side stones and pave diamonds, or this iridescent Fancy Color Oval Diamond Ring, with a center stone at 3.11 carats and an additional 2 carats of white diamond halos. These rings are truly fantastic, one-of-a-kind, precious, rare, and coveted.

Chocolate and Cognac Diamonds

Brown is probably not the first color you would think of when you imagine colored diamonds, but in fact, brown diamonds are common in nature, and they are making quite an impression on top designers and discerning shoppers. Diamond lovers find that brown stones can be a sweet addition to their everyday look. They feel more casual but appear as elegant as colorless diamonds. When paired with yellow gold, brown diamonds add a warmth that complements the skin nicely.

Black Diamonds

Dark black diamonds are silky, mysterious, and have almost eternal depth. When paired with platinum, white diamonds, or white gold, they become timeliness and exceptionally dignified; think black and white paired together, in pieces such as this Black and White Diamond Verona Ring from Roberto Coin. Designers with a legacy, such as Henri Daussi whose family business has been cutting diamonds for over 60 years, are incorporating black diamonds more and more. This half-eternity White Gold Black Diamond Band takes cues from traditional pavé bands but adds more majesty and magic with glittering black diamonds.

Fancy Diamond Cuts

When it comes to diamond shape, fashion has moved far beyond the traditional round brilliant. Some fancy cuts appear classic, like the asscher, the marquise, the emerald, and the cushion. Other cuts are more modern innovations, like the heart, trillion, and radiant. Setting these varying shapes allows jewelry to have true character. This Lovebright Pear Shaped Three Stone Diamond Ring in 14k white gold is a as fashionable as it is fierce, with a pointy .25 pear center diamond in a 4-priong setting, flanked by two additional pear-shaped diamonds pointed outward. Another unique ring style featuring a fancy shaped diamond, is this open-shank ring with a pear-shaped emerald and an emerald-cut diamond, with a diamond halo in 18k yellow gold. Unexpected and asymmetrical, this ring’s stones offer an eye-catching combo.

Creative Diamond Ring Settings

Hearts on Fire is renowned worldwide for their excellence in diamond cutting, and for stones that sparkle like no other. They carry some of our favorite jewelry and offer some pieces that take classic lines and make slight tweaks—like the Intermingle Band, featuring a line of diamonds set diagonally across the front of the band, in 18k white gold. This Pave Diamond Nail Ring in 14k yellow gold by Delicato is like nothing you would ever expect from a diamond ring: whimsical and ironic, this open-shank piece features a pointed end plus a cylindrical, sculptural “nail” head, both ends complete with pave diamonds.

With so many options of diamond color, shape, setting and jewelry style, Lux Bond & Green shows the versatility of diamonds in jewelry, and offers rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are not exclusive to special occasions. You don’t necessarily have to be getting engaged to wear a diamond on your finger, and you don’t have to wait for a special birthday to don diamonds on your neck or wrist. Diamond jewelry can be part of your everyday look, and today’s top designers are having more fun with diamonds and working in more inventive ways than ever before. Lux Bond and Green has numerous certified gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America and accredited by the American Gem Society currently on our staff, and all our employees are non-commissioned. Let us help you check off your diamond wish list today!