Choosing a Local Jeweler

Choosing a Local Jeweler

Shopping in this day and age is very different than it was just 20 years ago. The very concept of searching for anything you could possibly want using a computer and having it appear on your doorstep two days later, would have probably boggled your mind in the 90’s. By the close of 2018, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners calculated that Amazon exceeded over 100 million Amazon Prime members. Prime is Amazon’s service that offers super-fast shipping and other benefits for an annual or monthly fee. At the end of 2013, Prime had just 26 million members, meaning that the number of subscribers has quadrupled over five years. The impact is clear when compared with the United States Census report that there are over 119 million households in the country (2014-2018). It takes only simple math to understand that close to every home in America could be a Prime member.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping online. It’s convenient, and it can be seemingly affordable. However, buying trends indicate that consumers do not purchase all of their goods online. Statista reports that in 2019, tech devices, like TVs, computers, speakers, and smartphones, as well as financial services, were most commonly purchased online. Least of all goods purchased online, were household cleaning supplies, food, and beverages, probably because they are used immediately or require frequent replacement. The interesting part is that the goods second-lowest on this list, included skin and haircare products, major home appliances, makeup, and fragrances. What puts these goods at the bottom? Experience. There is no way to smell a perfume through a website, and no way to test a lotion’s texture as you type. Not yet, at least. Major purchases also require an in-person experience. Though 87% of consumers will begin researching items like washing machines, cars, and engagement rings online, ultimately, they make the final purchase in an environment that is much more human—a brick-and-mortar store.

To see a diamond sparkle in person, to feel the weight of a wedding band, to test out the movement of an earring: these are all reasons why many shoppers prefer to visit and support local jewelers. Jewelry is a lot like art and the amount of choices within our stores is amazing. The internet can do a great job of zooming in on texture, or matching the colors shown online with reality, but there’s nothing that beats standing in front of or holding the piece yourself. One can argue that viewing “live” helps us understand scale, ambiance, and our own feelings about a special object.

Let’s talk about the concept of “local.” You’ve probably heard a lot about the local food movement, sustainably sourced products, and “slow” fashion. The broad idea behind these concepts and initiatives is to bring you closer to the maker of your products, and also, to help ensure that your dollar actually makes it into the pocket of the person who deserves it. By eliminating the middle-men, you encourage relationship-building, and also build trust. Know your farmer. Know your seamstress. Know your jeweler! Communities are built on relationships, and personal commerce quite literally keeps them alive and vibrant.

There’s a wonderful feeling to becoming a “local,” especially when you are recognized by your neighborhood shop owners. They get to know you and your tastes, thus making your everyday shopping experience much more personalized, and also more friendly. Making Lux Bond & Green your local jeweler in CT or MA is a very easy choice. Stop in and speak to our non-commissioned sales associates anytime! We are a trusted, family-owned business that has existed long before the e-commerce boom. Since 1898, our customers have been shopping and trusting our hand-picked, luxury jewels, when online research was not an option. The knowledge that we have in-house allows you to shop with confidence.

Have you heard of Nicholas Carr’s 2010 book, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains”? NPR profiled it on the show “All Things Considered.” It’s about how the internet is “a medium based on interruption,” and it explains how our brains are adapting to this mode of thinking. The instantaneous and distraction-rich environment of the web has negative repercussions on our ability to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time, or for a prolonged period of time, hindering the creativity and learning that comes from an immersive and cerebral experience without distraction.

Don’t worry, because there is no learning opportunity or intellectual value lost when you shop locally. And so long as there are stores to shop with goods on shelves and managers to help educate you about your purchase, you’ll walk away with a satisfied feeling of taking home a smile in a box. Local jewelers exist to help you make your life more beautiful and full, through jewelry, watches and other gifts that that create lasting memories. As we say at Lux Bond & Green, Every Box has a Story.

Even if you’re not able to make it into your local Lux Bond & Green CT or MA store, you can shop jewelry, locally online. Your purchase will go towards keeping our commitment to you, to provide the most luxurious and globally sourced designs, in-store and also online, for many more years to come.

Shopping for a wedding band or ring set? If you’re looking for the local experience, our West Hartford jewelry store on 46 Lasalle Road is hosting a Wedding Band Weekend event on April 4th – 5th. The event will feature top designers and Connecticut’s largest selection of platinum, gold, diamond, and custom wedding rings. Best of all, we’ll be offering exclusive insider pricing for this weekend only.