Belle Étoile in the Spotlight

Belle Étoile in the Spotlight

Tilt your head back against the night sky. NASA astronomer Dr. Odenwald calculates that there are one trillion stars in our galaxy. That’s equal to one thousand billion! It makes sense that throughout history, cultures have been fascinated by the heavens above, and have felt a sense of connection or belonging by looking up and gazing into the night sky. The perfect reaction to this breathtaking scene is perhaps “Belle Étoile”—French for beautiful star. The same starstruck reaction, however, can apply just as well to a special woman is it does to those flickering bodies light years away. In many ways, we seem to be intrinsically connected with the stars. After all, Astrophysicists and pathologists agree: the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, and sulfur that are contained in stars, are the same essential building blocks that make up the human body. With this connection in mind, Belle Étoile’s jewelry is designed to help you “shine like the star you are.” Their jewelry is as radiant and unique as their namesake, and we’re here to tell you a little more about the designer’s inspirations and passion for bold colors, exquisite enamel, sparkly cubic zirconia, and shiny sterling silver.

With just one look, it’s no doubt that Belle Étoile jewelry is made to make an original statement. Honestly, one of the most exciting things about this designer is the diversity among their rings, necklace pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Their high-quality enamel work features surface design of everything under the sky: from geometric shapes and circles, to floral designs, to artistic patterns. This designer’s creativity really seems endless, which makes it hard to pick favorites.

Some standout pendant necklaces are pieces like the Pashmina Pendant, which layers flowers and patterns in an asymmetrical square, outlined in light blue. This piece is simply like wearing a lovely, tiny painting! Or, step out for an evening while wearing the Butterfly Kisses pendant, which features a black background and butterflies rendered in a stained-glass style. This fancy and elegant Sirena Pendant partners dark, iridescent mother of pearl with curved triangles that look almost like feather tips. Regardless of the occasion, Belle Étoile necklaces are sure to enhance your outfit.

Bangles are another great way to add some punch to your look. With so many fashionable styles from Belle Étoile, you just might want to pick a bangle for each day of the week! The rounded Starfish Bangle features whimsical under-the-sea motifs, with cz-encrusted starfish at its center. The super mod Moda Bracelet is made up of thick, wiggly blue and black designs that pop against a curved sterling silver background. For something that speaks a little louder, the Geometrica Bangle is layered with concentric circles and stacked squares, in strong colors like teal, orange, read, and purple.

Belle Étoile jewelry does a perfect job of integrating the surface design of a piece, with its exterior silhouette. They do this especially well with earrings. For instance, take the Empire Drop earrings, which feature a gorgeous pairing of mother of pearl and white cz’s, with an art deco, old Hollywood design. These earrings are both timelessly chic, and stunning. Or, for example, consider the Nairobi Drop earrings. Fun and slightly dangerous, a pointy isosceles triangle dangles from a smaller equilateral triangle in a design that plays with movement both in design and function. If softer designs are more your flavor, check out the sweet Ladybug Earrings, with little red bugs on a bright white background, or the bubbly Sea Turtle Earrings, complete with purple coral and adorable two turtles per earring. Come to Belle Étoile for thoughtful daytime, or evening earrings.

Knockout rings from Belle Étoile don’t just add sparkle to your fingers, but also interesting flashes of color too. Pieces like the Delano Ring, featuring two tones of blue, black, and white cz’s, are modern and interesting. The incredibly unique, open ended Pyramid Ring features pyramids facing one another, covered in cz’s, and banded by turquoise enamel. Another fantastic Belle Étoile ring is the Morning Glory, featuring hand-painted Italian blossoms against a sterling silver filigree.

Inspired by fashion trends, influenced by European cultures, and taking tips from the stars above, Belle Étoile jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and made for one-of-a-kind women. We might all be made of the same “star stuff” you all the more reason to shine. Shop Belle Étoile online, or visit a brick and mortar Lux Bond & Green jewelry store today!