​7 Styles of Mikimoto Necklaces That are Pure Pearl-fection

​7 Styles of Mikimoto Necklaces That are Pure Pearl-fection

Forever fashionable, always timeless, and simply elegant: Mikimoto pearl necklaces are purely pearl-fect. Who knows if Kokichi Mikimoto was aware of the incredible impact he would have on the world of jewelry when he created the first cultured pearl in 1893.

Pearls have since become appropriate for every occasion, from weddings and celebrations, to office meetings and interviews, on vacation and out to dinner, and even for the daily bustle around town. Pearls can be worn singularly, layered, choker-length, or long and mixed with metals—whichever style fits the wearer’s taste—which makes them a perfect gift and a jewelry-box must-have. In the world of pearls, it was Mikimoto that started it all.

Here are Lux Bond & Green’s personal favorite Mikimoto pearl necklace styles:

  1. Full Graduated Pearl Necklace - This beautiful necklace consists of 55 white pearls, graduating from 7 to 9 mm, 18” long, and secured with an 18k white gold signature clasp. This necklace is a tried-and-true classic design, while the hand-selected, gradually sized pearls offer extra luxury.
  2. Long Pearl Necklace - How would you style 32 inches of pearls? This Special Edition Mikimoto 100-pearl necklace can be worn long, doubled up, or draped like you’ve seen in all the old Hollywood movies. Who knew pearls could be so much fun!?
  3. Pavé Diamond and Pearl Pendant Necklace - Sweet for every-day, this 17” white gold chain features a four-petaled flower encrusted with 12 round pavé diamonds, from which a 7.5mm pearl drops daintily. The soft patina of natural pearl next to sparkling diamonds makes for a lovely combination.
  4. Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace- Cultured South Sea pearls from Tahiti are unique in their color; rather than creamy white, these pearls are opalescent dark grey or “black.” On this 18k white gold chain, from a graduated diamond trio pendant, drops a 10mm solitary South Sea pearl. This necklace is both supremely mysterious and elegant.
  5. Yellow Gold and Pearl Necklace - Eleven little pearls (5.5mm) are spaced evenly along an 18k yellow gold chain in this 18” necklace. Lighter than a full pearl necklace, and more substantial than a simple pendant, this piece of jewelry is feminine and perfect for layering!
  6. Sapphires and Pearl Pendant - The uncommon combo of blue and white in this necklace is brilliant. Three graduated deep, rich sapphires are combined with one pearl in a pared-down pendant on an 18k white gold chain. The “Morning Dew” necklace is as refreshing as it is dignified.
  7. Full Pearl Necklace and Set - Looking for a something-truly-special to fill her jewelry box? Consider a three-piece set: including an 18” Mikimoto pearl necklace, stud earrings, and a matching pearl bracelet! All metals are 18k white gold, and each clasp is signature Mikimoto style. A three-piece set would be an impressive, totally satisfying gift.

Find your (or her) unique Mikimoto necklace flavor online or in-store today at Lux Bond & Green!