5 Types of Gold Necklaces for Women in 2022

5 Types of Gold Necklaces for Women in 2022

Women are coveting a classic jewelry staple for 2022, and it’s exactly what you might expect—gold necklaces. The back-to-basics, neutral-toned apparel looks that are dominating the fashion field are best completed by equally cool and crisp accessories. Thanks to pared-down, minimalist outfits, trend-setters have found a renewed appreciation for quality of materials. It’s no wonder that simple gold necklaces have caught everyone’s attention! But what might surprise you about this jewelry trend, is the variety of expression that can be achieved with a simple gold necklace.

First, a little gold tutorial will go a long way as you browse Lux Bond & Green’s vast collection. Fine gold jewelry is typically made in either, 18k or 14k gold. These two karat gold values have distinctly different tones to their color, and you may simply prefer the appearance of one to another. 18k gold has a deeper and more vibrant yellow tone, while 14k gold has a cooler, more white appearance. Outside of looks, there are other practical reasons to select either 18k or 14k gold in a luxury necklace.

  • Durability: Both are durable enough for everyday wear. While 14k gold is less expensive of the two, 18k gold is made with more durable alloys to give it strength and value
  • Purity: Both 18k and 14k gold are in fact alloys, meaning, pure gold mixed with other metals. 18k gold contains about 75% pure gold, while 14k gold contains about 59% pure gold. The visible color difference can be attributed to these percentages. 18k gold is a better choice if skin sensitivity to alloyed metals is a factor.
  • Value: The higher pure gold content of 18k gold makes 18k gold jewelry more valuable than 14k gold jewelry.

Now you’re ready to dive into Lux Bond & Green’s favorite gold necklace styles for 2022 from some of our top luxury jewelry designers.

Pendant Necklaces

Wearing a gold chain with a central pendant makes an approachable yet elevated statement. The pendant is likely to spark conversations, so choose something that speaks to you first. For 2022, we’re loving sleek shaped 14k gold pendants from Moderno, like this open circle pendant on a 16-18” cable chain, as well as this stick drop pendant on a 17-18” cable chain.

Ladies, are you ready to add a bit more sparkle to your lives this year? A diamond pendant is a great way to subtly do just that. The Princess Flower collection from the revered Italian fine jewelry designer, Roberto Coin, continues to impress us with beautifully balanced designs. This 18k rose gold Princess Flower gemstone and diamond pendant blends dark and light surfaces, framing pink gold with black jade.

The designer Delicato offers a perfect blend of geometric shapes and glittery diamonds. For instance, this 18k white gold and palladium necklace features diamonds forming an open circle pendant, on a 22” chain.

Station Necklaces

Looking for a gold necklace with graceful creativity and a pleasantly unique pattern? A station necklace has delicate embellishments evenly spaced throughout the chain, for a simple yet captivating look. The Marco Bicego Paradise gemstone necklace in 18k yellow gold features alternating multicolored teardrop shaped gemstones and gold bead stations along a gold link chain. Another necklace that incorporates teardrop shaped diamond stations is this beautiful piece from Delicato, with a 16-18” 14k white gold chain. Both necklaces are brilliantly eye-catching, with light bouncing off the many faceted gemstone stations.

Unique patterns and adornments are certainly intriguing, but Roberto Coin takes it a step further with his innovatively designed reversible Princess Flower station necklace. Three trademark flower silhouettes are spaced apart on an 18k rose gold chain, with black diamonds on one side, and white diamonds on the other. You can’t go wrong with two station necklaces in one!

Link Chains

Every woman needs a few good gold chains on rotation. Gold link chains are extremely versatile, as they are lovely worn alone, with other necklaces, or with pendants added. There are many varieties to choose from in terms of chain types, including looser link styles like cable, franco and rolo, braided links like rope and wheat, or flat, tight links like herringbone or snake.

Lux Bond & Green has many gold chains in our collection, but just a few of our favorites are from Temple St. Clair. Timeless design and talented craftsmanship are hallmarks of this maker, qualities that are necessary to capture the essence of a gold chain. This 24” 18k yellow gold small oval link chain is a fine example.

Stand-out Necklaces

While simplicity continues to rule when it comes to fashion for 2022, we’re seeing a soft spot for necklaces that show the wearer’s true self and personality.

The designer,Alex Sepkus, is a master of unusual and old-world designs, such as this 18k yellow gold diamond pendant. This unique pendant is threaded through with a link chain and covered with textured and recessed organic ovals and circles, as well as diamonds. Another stunning stand-out piece from Alex Sepkus is the Blooming Hill diamond pendant in 18k yellow gold. With 2.14 carats of diamonds included on this pendant’s surface, this necklace is reminiscent of a starry night sky.

Finally, we’d like to draw your attention to an especially unique necklace from Marco Bicego’s Marrakech collection. This 18k yellow gold pendant necklace features six gold oval ribbons delicately stationed throughout the necklace. Lux Bond & Green’s wide assortment of uncommon pieces allows you to find a stand-out necklace that speaks to your soul.

Charm and Charm-Inspired Necklaces

Looking for a gold necklace that will truly lift your mood? Choose one with charms! Charm necklaces are youthful, flirty and fun. This 14k yellow gold celestial necklace from Moderno is a great example, with little gold stars, crescent moons and lightning bolts on a 16-18” cable chain. Similarly, this 30” Delicato diamond necklace in 14k white gold has a whimsical vibe. At this length, we encourage you to double it up and let those bezel-set full cut diamonds and fancy cluster stations really shine.

For a classic charm necklace, check out this gorgeous mini charm necklace from Temple St. Clair. The moonstone, rock crystal and diamond pendants look like one-of-a-kind treasures that have been passed down for generations. Yet, the 18k yellow gold ball chain helps this necklace take on a fine-jewelry meets-casual allure that is perfectly on-trend.

With so many gold necklace types to choose from, you might already be considering how to mix and match! Good thing layering up on gold is applaudable for 2022. In addition to shopping online, we hope to see you soon at our Connecticut and Massachusetts Lux Bond & Green stores for a comfortable and safe shopping experience.