5 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch for in 2021

5 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch for in 2021

This year’s pandemic has brought about many challenges, but as a couple, you may have found it has led you into an even closer relationship. Through the ups and downs, you’ve experienced even deeper levels of commitment and love for one another. You’ve tested your relationship through quarantining, dealing with job challenges, and arguing over which show to binge on next. You’ve had to learn how to act graciously while staying in, whether it be taking turns lugging in enough groceries to stock your shelves, or simply letting the other person actually win at a board game. If you’re still smiling and making each other laugh towards the end of 2020, it might be a sign that it’s time to take the next step. Just think, taking the leap into an engagement could be the perfect finale to this crazy year. Begin your search for the perfect ring with our 2021 engagement ring trends forecast!

More is More: Three Stone Engagement Rings with Personality

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that is understated, bold, or something in-between, three stone diamond engagement rings offer a range of personalities. You choose your style, because in 2021, it’s “in” to be authentically you. If you’re seeking a softer design, this platinum engagement ring features three round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing in at over 3 carats. The peg setting for each stone might be simple, but this ring’s shimmering sparkle is absolutely alluring. For those who prefer more structural design, this engagement ring showcases three princess cut diamonds in a geometric, tiered platinum setting. The squared band and 1.72ct central stone make this a modern and unique three stone engagement ring. No matter your personal style, it’s hard to say no to a three stone diamond engagement ring!

Bodacious Diamond Bouquet Engagement Rings

Like a flourish of blossoms, some engagement rings call to mind a diamond bouquet. Luckily, you can find some blooming beauties at Lux Bond & Green from top diamond jewelry designers! This 18k white gold engagement ring includes a center round Forevermark diamond with a gorgeous halo, plus additional diamond melee for added glitz. The Forevermark diamonds are a highlight here because of the luxury that these particular stones possess. Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are fine enough to be a Forevermark diamond. This brand requires the strictest of policies around the responsible sourcing of their stones. Forevermark diamond engagement rings can be found at Lux Bond & Green’s brick and mortar locations in MA and CT. Another bouquet style ring at Lux Bond & Green comes from the ever-trendy Lovebright collection. In this incredible engagement ring, nine diamonds clustered together in 14k white gold form a round center, framed by a diamond halo. Everyone loves a pretty bouquet of flowers, but a gorgeous bouquet of diamonds is even better.

Masterful Henri Daussi Engagement and Wedding Rings

Henri Daussi is a legendary designer from Antwerp, Belgium, otherwise known as the diamond capital of the world. Founded on family talent, Henri Daussi continues to produce impeccable handcrafted jewelry that focuses on the perfection of the diamond. The personal attention given to each Henri Daussi design makes this jeweler one to watch for 2021. For instance, this cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring in 18k white gold is a clear example of this designer’s mastery. This timeless ring features an oval stone at over one carat, surrounded by pave diamonds and set atop a smooth band. A perfect companion would be this 18k or platinum diamond half eternity wedding band.

Black Diamonds, Rose Gold and Texture… Oh My!

Another reason why we love Henri Daussi is that some of his styles, though rooted in family tradition, fresh for today’s fashionable millennials. For example, black diamonds are a trending choice for jewelry this coming year. An edgy wedding band like this black diamond ring in 18k white gold might be just the piece for you! Rose gold and organic texture are other hot design elements. Henri Daussi knows how to do them right in rings like this 14k rose gold scalloped band, with round flush set diamonds. You might be looking at getting engaged for 2020, but your 2021 wedding is right around the corner! It’s not too early to start browsing wedding band styles.

Open Gallery Engagement Rings

If you value transparency along with a little bit of magic, consider these popular engagement rings that have some hover involved. Adding some space between the diamond and the skin not only elevates the focal point but also adds style points. The NalediAriana engagement ring in 18k white gold showcases a round brilliant diamond with a halo, lifted upwards by criss-crossed rows of diamonds along each side of the shank. This 2ct round center diamond ring set in platinum offers another example of a ring that “gets air.” On this statement-making ring, pave diamonds line the band, and underneath the gallery there are accentuating V-shaped open spaces on either side of this solitaire stunner. Finally, this interesting solitaire ring set in platinum accentuates the beautiful 2ct diamond with a point-to-point setting. A .10ct diamond is set point-up to just hover underneath the bottom point of the diamond centerpiece, which is gripped in place by an open prong basket.

Build it Yourself Engagement Rings

The Lux Bond & Green team of professionals can also build your perfect ring from ideas that your fiancé has gathered from Pinterest and friends. Our CAD capabilities are endless and the process us simple, fast and affordable. Come in to allow us to show you our exceptional quality, selection and affordability for building the perfect ring.

We understand that engagement ring shopping is a true journey. You are selecting a symbol to mark your lives and to last for a lifetime! We hope that you do yourself and your hopeful fiancé a favor by turning to Lux Bond & Green. Our family owned business has been helping couples discover the perfect engagement ring since 1898. Shop our engagement ring selection online, or allow our non-commissioned staff to show you some of our favorites at your local MA or CT store this season. Get ready for a great year ahead!