Drops, Hoops, & Solitaire: 4 Must-Have Diamond Earring Styles

Drops, Hoops, & Solitaire: 4 Must-Have Diamond Earring Styles

Why wear just one piece of diamond jewelry...when you could wear two? A pair of diamond earrings is the perfect way to relish in doubles. With a collection of drops, hoops, solitaire studs, and more in your jewelry box, being seamlessly chic can also be effortless. There is hardly another accessory in women’s jewelry box as important as earrings. At Lux Bond & Green, we offer a huge variety of diamond earring styles. You’ll find different shapes, colors of diamonds, cuts, settings, and metals, and everything from fancy chandeliers to simple studs in our collections. Every option offers something unique and beautiful, and our non-commissioned staff is here to help you discern which is the best fit for you.


Lux Bond & Green solitaire diamond earring studs are truly exceptional. The go-to for literally any outfit, event, or occasion, solitaire studs will always be a lovely choice, and will never go out of style. To ensure that you receive a perfect match, Lux Bond & Green hand selects and matches each pair in our collection. Additionally, we hold fast to our belief that diamonds are truly forever. Owners of Lux As part of our Trade In Trade Up program, customers may return any Bond & Green diamond solitaire earrings at any time in exchange for a credit towards larger and more valuable diamond solitaire earrings. Diamond solitaire studs from Lux Bond & Green are a gift that will continue to give and can be passed down from generation to generation with non-depreciating, lasting value.

After hand-matching each pair of diamonds, Lux Bond & Green studs are set in one of three types of settings: the four-prong basket, the three (or four)-prong martini, or the bezel. The cut, clarity, color, and carat of each pair of diamonds dictates a large range in price for solitaire stud earrings. However, rest assured that our expert sales team is skilled in helping seekers of fine jewelry find the best option for their tastes and budget. Lastly, diamonds may be mounted in settings of platinum, 18 karat gold, or 14 karat gold, adding more style options to these classic jewelry-box must-haves.


Post-style earrings don’t have to feature only one solitary diamond each! Our Delicato collection offers stylish and affordable designs using multiple small diamonds. These blue sapphire and diamond halo stud earrings set in 18k white gold, as well as this green emerald and diamond clover stud earrings pair, also set in 18k white gold are stunning and allow the wearer to enjoy splashes of color, framed by glittering white diamonds. Sweet, feminine, with the feeling of royal crown jewels, studs like these make a polished statement. Clustered diamonds are another one of our favorite stud styles. For example, IPPOLITA’s Glamazon Stardust Multi Stone Earrings, and these 18k white gold diamond cluster stud earrings, bridge the gap between every-day casual, and dressed-up festive parties.


Beyond solitaires and studs, hoops and their more petite sibling, huggies, are another everyday-appropriate option for earring lovers. These 18k yellow gold Micro Windows Diamond Hoop Earrings by Alex Sepkus have an organic, geometric look. Each square is hollowed out with a tiny window, interspersed by stunning bevel-set diamonds. Alternatively, these Tubular Oval Hoop Earrings in 14k yellow gold have a similar artistic flair. Both are elegant, yet simple enough to dress for the office or a night out.

Perhaps more formal, these 18k white gold hoops feature 13 basket-set diamonds in an “in and out” style, meaning that as the hoop twists its forward face, so does each diamond, so that no opportunity to shine is lost. A fanciful take on this style, Hearts on Fire offers an 18k white gold hoop version called the Lorelei Large Floral Hoops, which also show forward-facing diamonds. Other huggies, with diamonds set in a clustered style set in 18k white gold display as many diamonds as possible – no fewer than 45 – on their face.


More than solitaire studs, hoops, or huggies, drop earrings come out to make a statement, especially around the holidays. Nothing compares to the red-carpet fashion world than dangling earrings as well. These 18k white gold chandelier earrings appear like lace, with dangling diamonds throughout. Simply made for parties, the motion in these earrings make for a fancy, flirty set.

Turquoise double drop earrings by Temple St. Clair mix diamonds with bright blue turquoise, set in 18k yellow gold. These earrings mix historical silhouettes, evoking ancient Egypt or Rome, while remaining trend-forward. A pair of earrings like this would be a perfect gift for any person with a lively social life, looking for a conversation starter.

Vertical diamond dangles, long and thin, evoke old Hollywood or the Art Deco era, making them another great choice for special-occasion Holiday jewelry. For example, these Pave Diamond Drop Earrings, feature inlaid diamonds set in bars of 14k white gold, hooked into 14k yellow gold forward-facing ovals in a sleek doorknocker style. Meanwhile, these Delicato Diamond Tassel Earrings in 14k white gold are dramatic, featuring parallel, linked lines of diamonds. Dangling drop earrings are eye-catching and festive.

With so many diamond earring options available at Lux Bond & Green, we invite you to browse our products online, with this pocket guide. Find some pieces that you like and schedule an appointment online for further guidance! Our qualified and helpful sales team loves playing matchmaker between our earrings and our customers. Call us to see what we carry in a store near you, or better yet, stop by to see for yourself.