David Yurman in the Spotlight

David Yurman in the Spotlight

David Yurman’s jewelry designs catch the eye and make you keep looking. It’s no coincidence since this designer jewelry company is founded and managed by artists. The story begins in the wild 1960s. David and Sybil Yurman met in the fabled year of love, 1969. Both were leading lives steeped in creativity and expression. They were drawn to each other through art; she a painter, he a sculptor, and they ultimately merged their talents to create the jewelry line bearing their name. In this way, David Yurman is truly an inspirational American-born brand, with art and design in its blood and passion as its essence.

Who isn’t wooed by a good love story? It’s one of the things that gives a brand soul. Lux Bond & Green is a proud purveyor of David Yurman’s luxury women’s and men’s jewelry. For women, you’ll find glittering engagement rings, braided gold bangles, and elegant earrings. On the roster for men are rings, bracelets in leather and sterling silver, and amulet pendants. This growing family business gained an important asset in 2003, in the form of the leadership and vision of Evan Yurman, David and Sybil’s son. He continues to contribute to the growth of the designs in the David Yurman collections, bringing cutting-edge materials and influences from nature into the creation of beautiful, wearable objects.

Men’s Jewelry

Guys, if you have doubts that you’re a jewelry kind of man, they might be put to rest when you see David Yurman’s designs for men. These have strong character in both design and construction and are made with your lifestyle in mind.


Take a look at the Chevron Woven Bracelet. It is sleek in sterling silver, with a secure, fool-proof lobster clasp. Alongside other designs from the Chevron Collection, like the leather and sterling silver Triple-Woven Wrap, you can sport easy-to-wear, goes-with-everything kind of jewelry. Other note-worthy bracelets include the 18k Gold Woven Box Chain in Black, which features a black nylon stripe tying together gold links, and the sturdy Extra-Large Box Chain Bracelet in sterling silver. It’s not too late to consider pumping up your style with an eye-catching, no-fuss addition to your daily style.

Cuff links

Speaking of wrists, David Yurman cuff links might be something you put on your wish-list this year. For example, consider the classic Cable Cigar Band Cuff Links, which feature domed, textured sterling silver, framed in 14k gold. These octagonally shaped Deco Cuff Links in sterling silver with a black onyx inlay are both understated and modern. For an even more minimalist look, the Streamline Cuff Links feature smooth rounded black onyx squares with a sterling silver braided edge. These cuff links are from the namesake Streamline Collection, which is engineered with the materials and sleekness of sports cars in mind.

Chains and Pendants

David Yurman is also known for men’s pendants. Pendants like the sterling silver Maritime Compass, with a black diamond at center, or the two-faced 18k gold and chevron sterling silver Streamline Tag give a nod to navigation and the armed forces. You’ll also find attractive cross options like the Chevron Cross, bordered in pavé black diamonds. David Yurman chains and pendants are sold separately so that you can find the right flavor of style for you. For example, you might want to enhance the personality of your look by pairing it with a softly woven Wheat Chain, or the chunky urban-inspired Curb Chain.


It can be hard to find unique yet masculine rings and wedding bands, but this is another area where David Yurman excels. Strong materials are used in styles like the Forged Carbon Band, which combines 18k gold with a state-of-the-art composite of carbon and resin. This combination is 3.5 stronger than steel, yet 65% lighter. Forged carbon can also be found in gold clubs and speedboats! Other band styles take note from medieval coats of armor, like the Armory Band, or use other uniquely durable materials, like this Beveled Band in Black Titanium.

Women’s Jewelry

Whether it’s a bangle or colored stone studs, a diamond engagement ring, or huggie hoops, David Yurman’s signature style is hard to miss. Twisted and mixed gold and sterling silver, classic chains, and diamond halos and accents are just a few hallmarks. David Yurman’s extensive women’s collections are made to complement one another, so that the wearer can layer up and grow their own unique collection seamlessly.


This colorful line blends brilliant gemstones together with wearable silhouettes. These objects are a perfect expression of Sybil Yurman’s eye for color, and David Yurman’s mastery of form. Not to mention, these designs will add some fun to your jewelry box! For instance, in the 18k yellow gold Petite Chatelaine Pave Bezel Ring, you can choose from five gemstone colors: champagne citrine, Hampton blue topaz, green peridot, pink tourmaline and red garnet. This ring style has a twisted band and a diamond halo no matter which stone you choose. There are more luxurious and playful options from this collection like the Chatelaine Pendant Necklace with .67 carats of pave diamonds and the Chatelaine Full Pave Triple Drop Earrings, with 1.17 carats of diamonds as well. The clustered diamonds in these designs offer a gorgeous, clustered sparkling effect.


Continuance designs are inspired by a line that never ends, which is not a circle, but instead something more organic, unusual, sensual, and alive. This collection features creative options like the Continuance Chain Bracelet in 18k rose gold is unlike any other bracelet you’ve come across, with wildly twisted links and connections. Long necklaces like the 33” Continuance Pendant Necklace in 18k rose gold have a casual elegance. This one features a looped pendant knotted to a square link chain. Large Drop Earrings also occupy a care-free yet dressed-up ambiance.

Pure Form

Many of David Yurman’s designs for women are considered with functionality in mind. Think jewelry that moves with you! The Pure Form Cuff with alternating sterling silver and 18k gold rows has bands that flex as you go about your day. Similarly, the Pure Form Wide Ring contains five bands that have fluid movement. These Pure Form designs are comfortable to wear and easy to envy.

Now that you’ve had a grand tour of some of David Yurman’s most seductive designs, we want you to dive in a little further for yourself…because this is just the tip of the iceberg. David Yurman jewelry can be found online on our website or in-stores, and we’re sure that you’ll find limitless beauty and interest as you continue to browse this fine American designer’s work.