Shinola Watches



Shinola Detroit watches are made with new American traditions in mind. They are meticulously handcrafted and utterly stylish. Shinola’s designs are imbued with personality, and are lifestyle-friendly, no matter what you do on the day-to-day. The hand-assembly process at Shinola’s Detroit production space, along with the designer’s commitment to the highest quality standards, ensures that their watches will last a lifetime. All timepieces come with a limited lifetime guarantee. In 2011, Shinola decided to open for business, and a year later had opened the first watch factory of its type in almost fifty years. Shinola was founded in the spirit of revival and continues to breathe new life into watches with classic American character. You may not realize it, but any Shinola Detroit watch that lands on your wrist will have been constructed, carefully handled, and inspected by over 30 people on the assembly line. Shinola is proud to be a participant in Detroit’s manufacturing history and to support the skilled people today who create their watches, leather goods, jewelry, and accessories.


In 2013, the limited-edition Runwell timepiece by Shinola was introduced. Today, it is still one of the brand’s most successful designs. It speaks to this designer’s talent that after just two years in business, they hit a home-run design. The Runwell is beloved for its classic leather strap, friendly round-faced case, and bold Arabic numerals. The design is perfectly timeless. Other favorite watch models include the Birdy, whose standout feature is the quirky juxtaposition between a round face and an ultra-skinny wristband, and the Lake Erie Monster Dive Watch, an automatic timepiece built for underwater performance. Shinola has its finger on the pulse of American fashion, with unique timepieces like The Bike Lock, with a never-before-seen floating face between leather straps, framed by an elongated metal oval. The Bike Lock is perfect for any two-wheeled enthusiast. Shinola is also invested in environmental protection. With The Sea Creatures timepiece, made from ocean-bound plastic waste, Shinola keeps pounds of junk out of our shared ocean waterways. 


Lux Bond & Green respects the American grit and dedication to tradition that Shinola represents. We are pleased to be an authorized retailer of Shinola watches online and at our brick-and-mortar stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Bring one of these finely crafted timepieces into your life, or surprise a loved one with the perfect gift.