Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT SBGJ251


In 2019, Grand Seiko unveiled the Japan Seasons collection. That initial launch featured four watches ? SBGA413 (Shunbun), SBGH271 (Rikka), SBGH273 (Shubun) and SBGA415 (Taisetsu) ? each of them representing one of Japan?s twenty-four sekki (micro-seasons) that mark the progression of the four seasons. In 2020, Grand Seiko expanded the collection with two special edition timepieces (SBGA427 and SBGA429) exclusive to the United States and named after one of the twenty-four sekki known in Japan as Soko. For 2021, Grand Seiko presents four new timepieces continuing the brand?s exploration of the twenty-four sekki: SBGJ249 (Shosho), SBGJ251 (Shunbun), SBGE269 (Toji), and SBGE271 (Kanro). SBGJ251 focuses on a new expression of Shunbun, this time capturing the verdant bloom of the spring equinox with a vibrant green dial. Subtle rose gold accents across the ?GMT? text and hand offer a touch of warmth. Together, the green dial and rose gold tone accents perfectly capture the arrival of spring. The Hi-Beat GMT 9S86 caliber runs at 36,000 bph, has a 55-hour power reserve, and an accuracy rating of +5/-3 seconds a day. Through the utilization of MEMS and through the development of Spron alloys for the mainspring and hairspring, Grand Seiko was able to create high frequency movements that could maintain a 55-hour power reserve while running at a high frequency.

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