The World of Cire Trudon

CIRE TRVDON La Marquise Travel Candle

$ 55.00
  • The powdered and merry air of a delicious boudoir: verbena and lemon polish the sensuality of the white flowers and roses
  • This perfume, at once tender and vivid, rekindles the sharpness of Madame de Pompadour's conversations and the voluptuous charms of the Rocaille chic.
  • Head: The spearmint, Lemon-yellow, blackcurrant Bud, Apple, Ginger, Clove
  • middle: jasmine
  • base: vanilla.Cire Trudon candles are created with a unique mix of palm, rice, soy and copra oils
  • The wicks are made of pure cotton
  • No heavy metals or pesticides are included in the composition of the candles
  • Biodegradable, Cire Trudon candles respect the environment
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