Dan Mirer

Hand Blown Gold Leaf Cocktail Glass

$ 55.00
  • Cocktail Glass 5.75" X 2" Shown in photo with Pitcher by glassmaker Dan Mirer
  • This stunning gold leaf drinking ware is 23k gold and 12k white gold leaf is rolled on and fused to the glass bubble while the vessel is being blown
  • A delicate folding and expanding of the leaves makes each piece unique
  • The surface of the glass is formed in graphite and metal molds to produce a rippled texture, accentuating the reflections of the gold
  • The gold is dishwasher safe, showing slight wear after about a thousand cycles
  • However, for delicate designs (stemware) and overall appearance, hand washing is recommended
  • Made in the USA.Dan Mirer Hand Blown Gold Leaf Cocktail Glass
  • Measures 5.75 Inches
  • Shown with Pitcher (Sold Separate)