Wolf Designs


Few luxury designers have achieved a 5th generation CEO. The WOLF family business was founded in 1834 by Philip Wolf I, and today, Simon Philip Wolf V has brought the brand into the 21st century. The WOLF legacy illuminates how a small realization can lead to a multi-continental enterprise.


The idea for WOLF jewelry and watch boxes began when Philip I, a silversmith based in Germany, was astounded at how his silverwares received more attention when presented beautifully. He shifted his focus away from silver and towards case making, a trade that his son and eventually his grandsons appreciated. WOLF designs moved to Sweden in 1895, where the case business flourished, until moving manufacturing to the United Kingdom in the 1960s. In 1988, Simon brought WOLF over the pond from England to showrooms in the U.S. and Canada. WOLF became so popular in these markets that Simon moved their headquarters to California in 1998. Through every decision and new phase, the Wolf family supported one another in their passion for creating fine cases. Over time, they introduced new features to WOLF wares such as specialized hinges, new fabric linings, and musical components. WOLF developed partnerships with the best watch designers globally, and to this day provides watch winders and jewelry cases to allow customers to take home, gift, or store their new item in style.


Lux Bond & Green is an authorized retailer for WOLF designs, offering cases that allow our customers to keep their jewelry safe, clean, and like new at home and on the road. We have beautiful WOLF boxes in neutral colors, soft pastel pink, and bold colors like red and orange in sizes from compact to large chests. Our WOLF jewelry box options feature multiple compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. For our watch enthusiasts, we have WOLF single watch winder boxes, travel watch rolls, and multiple watch winder cases to keep you on time, all the time.


Many of the globetrotting moves made throughout the WOLF history were due to the Wolf family men pursuing love. For whatever reason you travel, be it work, relaxation, or passion, WOLF cases allow you to bring your prized jewels and timepieces and represent your history, memories, or heritage, helping you express who you are to the world. For the WOLF collection at Lux Bond & Green, browse online or at your nearest Connecticut or Massachusetts store.