Mont Blanc


Montblanc is a creator of objects of precision. Handwriting is a precise activity, requiring a flow of thought to pour beautifully from the mind to the hand, through ink onto paper. Timekeeping is also, by nature, an act of precision, one that many timepiece designers have sought to perfect. Since 1906, Montblanc has put its heart into being innovative, always stylish, and using cutting-edge technology. When Montblanc’s founder returned to Hamburg from a trip to the United States with an idea for a self-contained-ink, non-leaking writing instrument, it was a one-of-a-kind sort of dream—and why not dream in color? Montblanc’s first writing instrument made its mark in red ink. This decision portended bold choices that grew to define the Montblanc brand. See, Montblanc doesn’t create timepieces, writing instruments, or leather goods, like anyone else. It’s easy to spot the Montblanc difference. Each writing instrument is capped with a six-petaled shape referencing the Alp Mountain peak that the brand is named after. Swiss-made Montblanc timepieces reflect similar themes of exploration, bravery, and elegance. They are also designed for the toughest conditions known to man. Examples include timepieces that are devoid of oxygen in the face, eliminating the chance for fogging, or diving models that maintain integrity up to 300 meters.


In today’s digital age, when most of what you describe with written language is punched out through a keyboard, why purchase a writing instrument as luxurious as a Montblanc? There are times in one’s life when nothing else but an excellent writing instrument will do. A romantic love letter to a beau. The agreement to a dream job offer. A signature on a marriage certificate. The many initials required on a deed to a new home. Then again, there are times when writing by hand is a simple pleasure, such as journaling, composing thank-you cards, or filling out meaningful paperwork, such as your child’s Kindergarten application. While much of today’s written and read words are in a typed font, putting pen to paper can be a true joy, and a chance to take life more slowly. Any lifelong Montblanc writing instrument owner will tell you to savor every loop and dot because life goes by quickly. Every Montblanc nib is crafted from 14k or 18k gold and ground by hand before being subjected to a writing test, in which the instruments’ feeling, visual result and writing sound are examined. Any snag or scratch will disqualify the nib. A Montblanc instrument will bring you consistent and superior quality for all your official and personal writing.


Montblanc strives to bring its exceptional heritage into your own incredible story. Live it with a Montblanc on your wrist and record it with a Montblanc writing instrument for the next generation! Explore Montblanc writing instruments and timepieces online or at any of our brick-and-mortar Connecticut or Massachusetts locations.