Lutece diamond wedding bands are an exquisite choice for any couple looking to tie the knot. The meaning of “Lutece” reaches far back into Roman history. Before Paris existed, the area was a Roman city known as “Lutetia.” The translation into French is Lutèce. Lutece diamond wedding bands evoke both the splendor of imperial Rome’s past and the chic, classic glamour that characterizes modern-day Paris. Lux Bond & Green is pleased to be the exclusive retailer for Lutece diamond bands and to bring all the spoils of European-inspired luxury jewelry craftsmanship to our loyal customers.


Lutece carefully selects gorgeous diamonds to set into half and full-eternity bands that range in style from delicate to statement-making. Lutece wedding bands are available in platinum, 18k white gold, and 18k yellow gold. What makes Lutece eternity bands so special is their unique setting featuring a very low profile setting. The alchemy of light and refraction that occurs from two ends—the diamond’s crown and pavilion facets makes Lutece diamond rings a gorgeous choice for any special occasion. Other Lutece band designs with many petite diamonds are also expertly crafted, and the diamonds are set to provide maximum sparkle.


Visit your nearest Lux Bond & Green shop in Massachusetts or Connecticut to try on Lutece bands in preparation for your big day, anniversary, or to add with a stack. Browse our Lutece collection online!