Add a Pearl Program


The Add-a-Pearl is a very special Lux Bond & Green signature program. This build-your-own necklace system fosters the concepts of continuity, remembrance, and trust, and is founded on the fact that a gift of a pearl necklace is treasured forever! Pearls are a timeless luxury, and there is no time like the present to begin a collection. A perfect place to start is with one, two, or three pearls on a simple 14k white or yellow gold chain. Then, get your collection started with either the LBG Green Card or the Pink Card Add-a-Pearl program. Customizing your necklace is easy with multiple sizes of pearls to choose from. You can create a necklace with a graduated pearl size or the more traditional uniform look, and as many or as few pearls as feels right to you. 


Choosing between the Green Card and the Pink Card Add-a-Pearl programs means considering the level of taste you’d like to invest in for your Add-a-Pearl necklace. Pearls included in both programs are high-quality and come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. However, pearls of the Pink Card program are, as the name indicates, more pink or warm in color, with brighter shine and luster and a more perfect shape.


We keep a special card in the name of the recipient on file with the size of the pearl, the green or pink card pearls, as well as the number of pearls purchased so you never need to worry about what has already been purchased. 


The Add-a-Pearl program at Lux Bond & Green is a memorable way to kindle relationships and honor a sentimental bond. Add-a-Pearl gifts are perfect for a new baby or a young person’s birthday or graduation. Each additional pearl becomes tradition, and the gift of real jewelry acknowledges a child’s approach to pre-teen, teen, or young adult, and honors their ability to respect and safeguard it. Pearls require delicate attention, such as removing them when bathing or swimming, and keeping them away from chemicals such as those found in perfumes. Owning pearls can be a learning moment for young people to begin taking care of the belongings they treasure. Plus, pearls can be worn at any age and for almost every occasion, meaning your thoughtful gift will provide long-lasting enjoyment. Start building an Add-a-Pearl necklace today by visiting the Add-a-Pearl collection online, or by visiting your local Lux Bond & Green shop in Connecticut or Massachusetts!