Silver Jewelry


Did you know that silver has existed for thousands of years or that, in pre-recorded history, it was considered more valuable than gold? Today, however, we know that silver is a more affordable, yet high-quality, precious metal used in the jewelry world. In fact, some of today’s most renowned and recognized jewelry designers – such as Ippolita, and Belle Étoile – prefer to work largely (if not exclusively) with silver. In addition to its quality, many people also prefer to wear silver jewelry for its color. Ancients considered silver a metal of the moon, due to its cool hue and luminous, reflective nature.


If you are looking for silver jewelry that truly shines, you have come to the right place. Lux Bond & Green has an extensive silver jewelry collection, with silver necklaces and pendants, silver earrings and rings, bracelets and charms, and something for every taste. Whether you have a vision of the perfect heart-shaped silver pendant necklace, or are looking for a silver bangle to add to your growing stack, we can help you find the perfect piece.


At  Lux Bond & Green, we love sterling silver jewelry for its wear-ability and versatility— not to mention its durability, too. In its purest form, silver is actually quite delicate and soft. However, when it’s transformed into sterling silver jewelry, it is combined with other metal alloys (such as copper) to enhance its strength. sterling silver jewelry is often marked with a .925 stamp. This means it is at least 92.5% pure silver, less than 7.5% alloy, and significantly stronger than pure silver would be on its own. Thus, sterling silver jewelry is a win-win, everyday accessory that you can truly wear anywhere. In fact, the longer and more often it's worn, the more exquisitely your silver jewelry will shine.


Whether you’re searching for a gleaming gift for her, looking for the perfect addition to your outfit, or even seeking the right silver jewelry piece for him, rest assured there’s a silver lining – Lux Bond & Green is here to help you find it. Shop sterling silver jewelry online or visit us in-store at one of our five Connecticut or Massachusetts jewelry store locations.