No accessory is quite as dignified as cultured pearl jewelry. Formal and sophisticated, these jewels of the sea are iconic hallmarks of class. Lustrous and sensuous, pearls are what Hollywood socialites and modern divas are made of.
Perhaps the most fantastic thing about pearls are their versatility—the ability to add a tiny touch of romance to any outfit, for any occasion. By choosing strand length and pearl size, selecting from a variety of color tones, and layering up to match your mood, pearls can easily adjust your look to be just right.
Lux Bond & Green carries the work of the finest cultured pearl jewelry designers such as Mikimoto, Philippa Roberts, Jane Taylor, and the luxurious Assael. Dive into these collections for long strands, modern choker-length or multi-strand necklaces. Drop pearl earrings are an elegant option for day or for night, while clustered pearl earrings are a sure conversation-starter. Cultured pearl stud earrings are an everyday staple, while sparkly diamond or precious stone and pearl combination earrings are the ultimate choice for dressing up.
When it comes to color, the tone of cultured pearls can convey a great deal. Sweet pink pearls can elevate jeans, a cute top, and wedges; white strands perfectly soften a business suit, while dark grey south sea pearls deepen the seduction of an evening gown.
Gifting or receiving a pearl necklace or matching set from a loved one is a truly special milestone. Cultured from the depths of the ocean, borne of salt and sand, pearls are truly one-of-a-kind. Find the pearl jewelry-box staple that best suits your fancy at Lux Bond & Green.