Diamond Pendants


A pendant is one of the earliest forms of jewelry known to man, with talismans and amulets being worn as early as the stone age. Since the beginning of their time, pendants have represented motifs that are important to their wearers – precious stones, animals, figures, flowers, messages, and more. Because of the vast array of pendant styles out there, and because of how personal and symbolic they can be, pendants make very special gifts for jewelry-lovers. Pendants are also a fun way to express yourself.

If you are looking for the perfect pendant for your necklace, or searching for a personalized gift for that someone special in your life, you have come to the right place. Lux Bond & Green has an extensive collection of pendants from world-renowned jewelry designers –

Stunning, sterling silver and fine gold pendants, strikingly abstract pendants from Karen Jacobson. Organic designs and motifs by Aaron Henry. Colorful, enamel pendants by Belle Etoile. Exceptionally unusual and hand-crafted pendants by Alex Sepkus. Elegant, gold pendants by Temple St Clair – such as this diamond encrusted, rock crystal amulet here – or classic gold and sterling silver lockets by Tesoro. The list goes on. Lux Bond & Green also carries a large selection of Pavé diamond pendants, in the shapes of starbursts, circles, crosses, even infinity symbols. In fact, since our humble beginnings in 1898, Lux Bond & Green has been recognized for our carefully selected diamonds and diamond jewelry collections.

Whether you are looking for a locket for a loved one, a cross pendant to keep close, a gemstone pendant for a pop of precious color, or a bespoke pendant for a more customized gift, Lux Bond & Green is a great place to start your search. Shop designer pendants online or visit us in store at one of our Connecticut or Massachusetts locations.