Nicolette Mayer

Vivid designs in punchy colors characterize the Art de la Table by Nicolette Mayer.  A guru of interior design, Nicolette Mayer is her namesake brand’s founder and chief creative officer. Nicolette is a third-generation creative, whose company is built on her passion for history, fashion, and living life boldly and beautifully. 


Nicolette Mayer’s collection includes wallpaper, murals, fabric, placemats, napkins, and our favorite at Lux Bond & Green, acrylic trays. We love Nicolette’s acrylic trays for their bright, tongue-in-cheek, edgy-chic prints, coupled with substantial, thick construction. They are proudly made in the United States, in Nicolette Mayer’s factory in Florida. Each piece is hand-cut, assembled, and polished, resulting in a well-made product that is built to last. Nicolette Mayer’s acrylic trays can be used not just indoors, but outdoors too! 


There are endless uses for these playful trays in the home. They can be placed in any room that needs a little livening up. For example, use an acrylic tray to lay out martini glasses on a sideboard, place mugs on the coffee table, line up toiletries, makeup, jewelry, or perfume bottles in the powder room, or display your home bar fixings. Stack multiple for maximum effect. Nicolette Mayer housewares encourage a feeling of peace, safety, and relaxation in the home. They also make unexpected hostess gifts! Bring a timeless, elegant tray as a thank-you, or a gift to new homeowners. These acrylic trays are modern and combine high-low styling which complements both traditional and contemporary aesthetics in the home. To see these acrylic trays for yourself, visit your nearest Connecticut or Massachusetts Lux Bond & Green store, which is an official authorized Nicolette Mayer retailer. Or, shop our collection online, today!