L Objet



L’OBJET objects for the home are made by fusing artisanal techniques and harnessing the applications of new technology in art-making, such as 3-D printing. The Israeli, New York-based designer Elad Yifrach is the outside-of-the-box thinker behind L’OBJET. Elad’s collections are inspired by his love for travel, handmade creations, and exquisite materials, and in turn, L’OBJET is diverse, passionate, and innovative. Attention to quality and detail is of utmost importance to the designer, and often only limited editions are possible due to the delicacy of a mold, or the laborious nature of a technique.


Elad’s well of inspiration runs deep, and L’OBJET includes sculptures, porcelain dinnerware, fragrances, textile goods such as table linens and throw pillows, metal sculptures, tabletop objects such as frames, and various home decor items, from bookends to games. The luxury designer began to distribute his creations in 2004, and since then has collaborated with many artists across the globe. For example, L’OBJET debuted a collection with the Haas brothers, who sculpt fantastical characters into quirky, functional tabletop creatures for the home. Candles by L’OBJET are not just home fragrances but sculptures in and of themselves, including a vessel crafted from porcelain into a striking shape, painted with 24k gold accents, and filled with sultry scents. L’OBJET objects in the home undoubtedly create a vibe of unique, covetable luxury that will intrigue and tickle visitors.  


Lux Bond & Green turns to L’OBJET for timeless designs, including the Perlée collection of classic white porcelain dinnerware. Raised pearls around the rim of Perlée bowls and plates illicit timeless and elegant modernity, and are perfect for showcasing your best culinary creations. 


24-karat gold-plated and platinum-plated frames are some of Lux Bond & Green’s favorite gift choices from L’OBJET. These frames have three-dimensional art-deco twisted designs, as well as wide, extraordinary pleated woven metal braids. Each frame is meticulously crafted and could easily be confused with a baroque tapestry or the trim on a king or queen’s outfit. Not to mention, each frame from L’OBJET includes beveled glass, a satin lining, and an Italian leather and suede back. L’OBJET frames are a thoughtful gift for special occasions for loved ones such as graduations, weddings, and anniversaries, or even as a gift for a colleague, to acknowledge a promotion or job well done. When you’re looking for something hand-crafted and full of creativity for the home or office, Lux Bond & Green has you covered with L’OBJET. Lux Bond & Green is an authorized retailer of this exclusive designer, and we would love to show you what we have to offer at our conveniently located brick-and-mortar locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts.