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Monday, April 2nd, 2018
Forever fashionable, always timeless, and simply elegant: Mikimoto pearl necklaces are purely pearl-fect. Who knows if Kokichi Mikimoto was aware of the incredible impact he would have on the world of jewelry when he created the first cultured pearl in 1893.Pearls have since become appropriate for every occasion, from weddings and celebrations, to office meetings and interviews, on vacation and out to dinner, and even for the daily bustle around town. Pearls can be worn singularly, layered, choker-length, or long and mixed with metals—whichever style fits the wearer’s taste—which makes them a perfect gift and a jewelry-box must-have. In the world of pearls, it was Mikimoto that started it all. Here are Lux Bond & Green’s personal favorite Mikimoto pearl necklace styles:1. 
Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Marco Bicego's jewelry is a beautiful piece of modern Italian history. The son of a goldsmith, fine jewelry crafting is in his blood. From an early age, his passion for gold jewelry grew, and in time he created a new business which has prospered since 1958. Still inspired by and connected to Italian fashion and Venetian creativity, every single piece of Marco Bicego jewelry remains hand-crafted in the company’s new workshop located in Trissino, just northwest of Venice. Very seldom will you find a fine jewelry line that parallels Marco Bicego’s hand craftsmanship, quality assurance, and use of traditional tools and techniques. Without outsourcing a single step, from design and model-making, to tool-making and goldsmithing, to stone selection, setting, and engraving, every component of the Marco Bicego jewelry creation process is touched by skilled Italian hands. Lovers of Marco Bicego jewelry will ...
Thursday, January 25th, 2018
Sterling silver jewelry will never tarnish in popularity. That’s why Lux Bond & Green wants to share with you this list of masterfully talented sterling silver jewelry designers for 2018! From technological innovators to out-of-the-box thinkers, here are six of our favorite partners, along with our top picks from their most cutting-edge sterling silver creations: IPPOLITA - Italian-born in the ‘90s, this line is the epitome of cool. IPPOLITA offers fine jewelry for the modern woman. IPPOLITA’s Rock Candy collection, dedicated to unexpectedly shaped, vibrant gemstones, is both playful and couture. This collection incorporates doublet and triplet gemstones, meaning that slices of different gems are expertly layered to add dimension and unique color. The Rock Candy Lollipop Lollitini Necklace and the...