Choosing the Right Engagement Ring Style
Monday, March 18th, 2019
Picking out the right ring can feel just as important as picking the right fiancé! Good thing that you’ve already figured out the more important part of getting engaged. Now, chances are you know your future spouse well enough to spot an engagement ring style that they’ll love. And remember, they’re going to especially love it because it’s coming from you. As you start the process of searching for the right engagement ring style, we invite you to dive into your options by considering the following popular diamond cuts, band styles, colored stones, and more.

Round or Solitaire
The classic, tried and true, beloved engagement ring style is the round diamond in a solitaire setting. However, traditional doesn’t have to be boring. This stunning ring with a 1.58 carat round diamond set in platinum with a halo and diamond-adorned band, will not disappoint.

In a vintage-looking round halo design, Naledi's 18k white gold Ariana style circles an almost half carat central stone with 44 round diamonds. Infinity shapes twist on either side of the band. When evaluating rings, consider your soon to be life-partner’s personality. It’s actually a very interesting method of choosing a ring style. For example, this ring is surprising, slightly dramatic and energetic. Does that fit your significant other’s character? You can take more tips than you might think from your soon to be life-partner’s personality when selecting an engagement ring just for them!

If subdued is more their style, don’t think that means you have to sacrifice specialness. This Forevermark engagement ring features a one carat diamond in a simple 18k white gold solitaire setting, and on a smooth band with squared interior edges. Since only less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are fine enough to achieve the Forevermark standard, you know with certainty that you’ve selected a truly beautiful stone.

Cushion Cut
Similar to round but with slightly squared edges, cushion cut diamonds are softly beautiful. For instance, this platinum band raises up its 1.5 carat cushion cut diamond like a prized possession. With pave diamonds around the stone and down its sides, this piece earns well-deserving attention.

Few do elegance as well as Belgian diamond expert Henri Daussi, and this 18k gold, 1.07 carat cushion cut diamond ring with a halo is no exception. This ring is an heirloom in the making.

Radiant Cut
A riff on the emerald style, the radiant diamond features diagonal facets that meet in the top center of the stone. This technique effectively releases the “fire” of a rectangular diamond. This platinum-set, 1.04-carat center radiant is an elegant engagement ring style. Surrounded by pave diamonds, its sparkle comes from every direction.

Colored Stones
Sapphires, emeralds, and colored diamonds are an eye-catching way to spice up the engagement ring tradition by adding something a little different. For instance, green French-cut emeralds surround a .83 round bezel set center stone in this platinum, diamond and emerald engagement ring. A third row of pave diamonds adds a romantic scalloped edge.

Looking for something mature, unique, and totally unexpected? Wow her with this engagement ring style which features a 3.09 carat center radiant cut, with canary yellow 2.20 carat radiant cut diamonds on either side. Platinum is used for the band, while yellow gold prongs artistically hold the corners of the yellow stones.

Multi-Stone Ring
Three stones together are known as the “Bostonian,” though there is another popular meaning behind selecting an engagement ring with three diamonds. Past, present, and future, symbolized by one, two, and three diamonds, sums up your commitment to a full life behind and ahead, with your fiancé. This stunning ring offers a beautiful example of this symbolic look.

She might want more than three, you say? The Ashby engagement ring by Naledi features a .46 center round brilliant, with two .29 round diamonds on either side, set in 18k white gold on a simple band. Five stones gorgeously set feel truly luxurious.

Not finding your “Aha!” moment with these choices? Make your own! Using Lux Bond & Green’s Diamond Search Tool, you can browse in-stock diamonds for all price ranges. View a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, clarity, and cut levels to land on the stone that is right for your individual love story. Next, select a setting that will complement your stone(s), and with help from our engagement ring design experts, you’ll be on your way to popping the question with full confidence.

Lux Bond & Green has been a trusted advisor for different engagement ring styles for over 120 years. Come into one of our brick-and-mortar jewelry stores today for a consultation with one of our non-commissioned sales associates, or shop online from the comfort of your home. We’re sure you’ll find the right one.
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