Responsible Business Partner Policy

At Lux Bond & Green, we take great pride in conducting our business with the utmost integrity, fairness, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Offering beautiful and timeless jewelry, watches and gifts to the consumer requires strong partnerships with vendors, suppliers and outside contractors including everyone from electrical contractors to janitorial services to outside auditors. Whatever role one of our business partners plays in helping us bring the end product to our clients, we expect them to adhere to the same policies and procedures we set forth for our own employees.  These expectations include but are not limited to:

    • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the state or country in which they conduct business.
    • Fair and dignified treatment of all workers including respecting human rights such as a safe work environment and not subjecting any worker to harassment or discrimination. 
    • Transparency and accuracy in all business dealings as well as accurately recording all financial transactions in compliance with applicable accounting standards and recognized business practice.
    • Avoid any situation or relationship that may involve an inappropriate conflict or the appearance of a conflict with Lux Bond & Green.

If Lux Bond & Green is made aware that one of our business partners has violated any aspect of this policy, we will take swift action to address the violation with the business owners/management and will make a decision regarding the action(s) to be taken. Any Lux Bond & Green employee who has concerns about the actions of one of our business partners should report their concerns to senior management.  All workers who speak out about such an issue are protected from retaliation.