G-Shock Watches


For a tough, high-quality watch with a utilitarian look, there is no better designer to turn to than G-Shock. The variety and creativity found in G-Shock collections is unmatched. With multiple new style releases annually, each with innovative new technology integrations, any G-Shock enthusiast is sure to become a collector in no time. 


G-Shock was founded in 1981 to combat the challenge of creating a watch that is shock-resistant and will not break when dropped. The concept seems almost simplistic, yet surprisingly, there was a lack of sturdy designer watches on the market. Since the 80s, G-Shock has created durable watches that have a longer battery life, go deeper and faster, can withstand heat and cold, and can fall harder than seemingly possible. The key to G-Shock watches is a hollow carbon case, a gel cushioning material at specific points within the watch, technically positioned protective points on the case and the bevel, and a band that isolates impacts against the watch. After hundreds of prototypes, in 1983, the unbreakable watch revolution was finally realized! G-Shock watches are a perfect choice for active people, athletes, or anyone with an urban edge to their style.


Lux Bond & Green offers G-Shock watches in a rainbow of colors, from baby blue, yellow, and pink, to mixed brights like fuchsia and teal, purple, and red, and more militaristic colors like black, tan, olive, and brown. The most popular style at Lux Bond & Green is the Analog-Digital, first introduced in 1989 and going strong, with a floating analog movement as well as an easy-to-read digital display. Some G-Shock designs integrate the newest smart technology to centralize your activity, Bluetooth, and apps into one precise package. Finding the G-Shock watch that speaks to you and your dynamic life is as easy as visiting your nearest authorized retailer in person, in Connecticut or Massachusetts.