Rembrandt Charms in the Spotlight

Rembrandt Charms in the Spotlight

The most exciting pieces of jewelry are those that allow you to express yourself! Whether you’re a runner or a writer, a nurse or a neuroscientist, a mother or a mentor, we know your relationships and passions are what make your life rich. This is also what makes Rembrandt Charms so special. Charms celebrate your bonds with friends, colleagues, and family members, as well as your dedication to your profession and hobbies. With Rembrandt Charm Bracelets, there is a chic way to wear your heart on your sleeve. Dive into Rembrandt’s timeless designs at Lux Bond & Green and learn about this gift that keeps on giving.

Rembrandt Charms are proudly made in America, and every single charm is personally handled. Key steps in the finishing process like polishing and detailing are taken by hand to ensure quality results. Rembrandt Charms has also been in the family for over 50 years which is a true testament to this designer’s dedication to excellent craftsmanship.

You’ll find Rembrandt Charms in sterling silver, gold plate, as well as 14k yellow or white gold at Lux Bond & Green. The collectability of these charms is one reason why these shiny little shapes are so alluring. In many ways, a Rembrandt Charm bracelet is a lot like weaving a story! Here are some of our favorite categories and charm ideas to help you build a look that is completely your own.


Whether you’re the one running on the field, behind the whistle, or at the wheel of the mini-van, your commitment to sports is undoubtedly part of your identity. Find sterling silver charms like a volleyball, soccer ball, or tennis racquet for these popular games. Niche and leisure sports are also represented with charms showcasing gymnasts, snowboards, and golf carts. Sports charms can help you celebrate a big win or ensure luck at the next match.


Charms that mark a baby’s arrival for a mother or grandmother will be beloved enough for daily wear, while eventually becoming heirloom-worthy. Consider a sterling silver and enamel baby ABC block charm, or sterling silver pacifier or baby carriage. As your baby grows, so can your collection of charms!


Do you have someone in your life who simply lives for the sand and the sea? An ocean-themed Rembrandt Charm bracelet is a great gift idea. Even on bleak winter days, we think a conch shell, pail and shovel, and mermaid will take her back to that happy place by the ocean.


A Rembrandt Charm is a heartfelt way to recognize those who take on America’s most honorable professions. For the officers who keep your neighborhood safe, the nurses who heal the sick, and the devoted and tireless teachers, consider a sterling silver charm in the shape of a police badge,

nurse practitioner caduceus, or an apple. After this past year, these professions mean more to us than possibly ever before, and it’s important to remember to thank our backyard heroes.


Simply put, charms are fun! Get in the spirit of this fashion statement with symbols of favorite pastimes. If making music makes your spirit sing, you’ll want to include an instrument such as an electric guitar or a trumpet. If lakes, plants, and mountains make you merry, consider a paddleboard, gardening tools, or a hiking boot.


For life’s most special moments, you may wish to opt for Rembrandt’s finest charms, in 14k gold. For instance, a graduation cap for the new degree recipient, a “#1 Mom” charm to recognize a special mother’s day, or a heart disc on which to engrave wedding dates. 14k gold charms are treasurable mementos.


Though Rembrandt Charms are versatile and can be worn in many ways, the most popular way to show them off is by building a bracelet. You can add charms to a bracelet over time to mark life’s milestones, or even build multiple bracelets with different themes! Once you gift a charm bracelet to a friend or relative, you’ll always know exactly what to buy them for special occasions, year after year. The bracelet will eventually become full of happy reminders of you.

Rembrandt offers bangle-style bracelets, such as the Balanced Bangle, the Confident Bangle, and the Tranquility Bangle, all of which are adjustable between six and eight inches. This bracelet design allows the charms to move around the bracelet, dangling free. Link bracelets are also available, such as the Curb Link Classic, which features single links, and the Curb Link Charm Bracelet, which has double links. There are oval link bracelets with flair, such as this one with detailing at the center of each link, or this one with figure eights between links. The biggest difference between bangle and link styles is the preference for the bracelet’s feeling when worn. We suggest you try both styles on and compare! Of course, no matter what style bracelet you choose, Lux Bond & Green can help attach your Rembrandt Charms at your convenience and exactly where you want them.

As you can see, the Rembrandt Charm options are simply endless. Whatever your passion may be, Rembrandt Charms offer an opportunity to tell your unique story. Browse the extensive Rembrandt Charms collection available at Lux Bond & Green online, or visit your nearest brick-and-mortar store.