About Our Wedding Registry

Lux Bond & Green Wedding Registry

Registering with us is easy!

Please email us at registry@lbgreen.com or simply call 1-800-524-7336 to let one of our Registry Specialists help you get started.

Receive a Gift Notification

You will receive an email notification when a gift has been purchased for you.

You Decide Whether to Ship

We can ship your gifts ASAP. If it’s not convenient and easier to get it later, we can convert to gift credit to use after your wedding. 

If you change your mind on a gift, we will be happy to issue you a gift credit, too.

Keep Track of your Gifts

If you decide to convert a gift to a store credit, we'll still keep track of 

who bought the gift for you. We can send you a list at any time.

Registered Elsewhere

We can add those items to your Lux Bond & Green Registry for you.

We Want Your Guests to Have a Great Experience

Our support team is on call to help your guests choose the perfect gift either in store, 

via email Registry@lbgreen.com or simply by calling 1-800-524-7336.

Ring Rewards and more!

Take 10% off your wedding bands, wedding invitations, stationery and bridal gifts when you are registered with us.

Saving the Best for Last -The Lux Bond & Green Bonus

You must be registered for at least $2,500.00 or more of fabulous gifts. If your registry generates $2,500.00 or more in total gift dollars, Lux Bond & Green will give you 5% of the total dollar amount* as our wedding gift to you. If your registry generates $5,000.00 or more, we will give you 10% of the total dollar amount* as our wedding gift to you. After your wedding, we will set up an appointment to review your registry with you. If you would like to purchase any of the remaining items on your registry that were not purchased for you, we will extend a 10% completion discount at that time. 

*Our gift to you is in the form of a merchandise credit and is valid for 6 months from the date of your registered event.

Creating a wedding or bridal registry is one of the most exciting activities in the wedding planning process. It gives you and your fiancé the chance to start building a collection together. A wedding registry is also extremely helpful for your guests! While you may feel awkward asking for gifts at all, try to think of your registry as a courtesy or convenience – a guide for guests who want to give a gift that you love (and will use) for years to come.

If you and your significant other have a taste for both quality and design, consider creating a wedding registry at Lux Bond & Green. Lux Bond & Green has a vast collection of top-of-the-line home gifts from world-renowned designers, both for special occasions and for everyday use. Timeless crystal glassware, beautiful table accessories, fine linens and cozy throw blankets, and modern dinnerware sets are just some of the many gifts you may add to your wedding wish list.

When creating a wedding registry with Lux Bond & Green, many couples like to think about what they truly want in their home, but may not buy for themselves: a one-of-a-kind centerpiece from Simon Pearce, hand-painted porcelain from Herend, glamorous, yet simple crystal from Baccarat. We also encourage you to think about your future as you curate your gift selection. While you may not need a dinnerware set for 12 now, is this something you will want down the road, when you and your spouse start hosting parties of your own? Finally, try to think about what will make your home truly yours. Which gifts mean the most to you and your S.O.? Which gifts do you want to tell your love story?

Lux Bond & Green’s team of registry specialists is here to help you get started. As a family-owned business with over 120 years in the books, we are here for you, keeping track of your gifts (and who bought them!) and lending advice along the way. Our support team is also on-call to help your guests choose the perfect gift either online or in-store. Lux Bond & Green has stores across Connecticut and Massachusetts, for local guests who prefer to pick out a gift in-person (think, Nana). And, if you are registered elsewhere, we will happily add those items to your Lux Bond & Green Registry for you!

In addition to luxury and convenience, Lux Bond & Green’s wedding registry comes with a set of perks, including 10% off your wedding bands, wedding invitations, and other bridal gifts. If your guests purchase more than $2,500 worth of your registry gifts, we will also send a special wedding gift to you.

Start your wedding registry with us today by emailing registry@lbgreen.com or calling 1-800-524-7336.